In Conversation with FIA Rising Star Macie Hitter

Guest blog by Thiemo Albers-Daly

Macie Hitter is a British Racing Driver who is also an FIA Women in Motorsport Rising Star. While 2022 was a difficult year for her racing wise due to the age-old motorsport problem of funding, she was able to get behind the wheel a number of times for testing and plans to turn things around in 2023.

We caught up recently to chat about her motorsport journey so far. Honest, passionate and determined, I’ve got my fingers crossed that we can see her out on track this year. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

What first got you interested in Motorsport? 

My interest in Motorsport came from my Dad. When I was born, he was professionally racing motorbikes, so it was natural that I was brought up around racetracks. My Mum and I used to travel all over the UK to support my Dad. At three years old, I got my first quad bike. That led to me getting a motocross bike which I rode when I was six. My cousin introduced me to karting when I was just seven and I absolutely fell in love with it. That was the start of my journey…

How was 2022 for you in terms of racing?

2022 was a rollercoaster of a year for me, especially emotionally. I didn’t compete due to not being able to raise enough funds, which frustrated me. On the upside, I was picked for the FIA Girls on Track in France; I was able to test a GB4 car at Bedford Autodrome; I was the first female to test the newly made Formula Foundation car. I also competed in the ROKiT Esports competition, had my first time in a drift car, and met so many new people. Whilst I wasn’t in a seat constantly, I made loads of memories and learnt a huge amount from the people I met.

FIA Rising Stars, circuit Paul Ricard, France, from August 17 to 21st 2022 – Photo Marc de Mattia / DPPI

Can you describe your experience with the Winfield Racing School?

I’d been at Winfield in 2021 competing in the junior category, so I already knew the team. It was great to see so many familiar faces and get the opportunity to catch up with them. Winfield is always a successful experience.

The knowledge that everyone has and the feedback they give you is excellent. The facilities are phenomenal and both times that I’ve been there, we’ve been treated like royalty. They care about their drivers and will push you so that you get to understand your true potential and what you’re capable of. I am truly thankful for the knowledge they have given me to help me progress in my motorsport career.  

What’s it been like working with the FIA Women in Motorsport and becoming one of their rising stars?

I’ve worked with them for two years now and it’s been a pleasure. In 2022 I was picked as one of the “Girls on Track” top six females in the world for the senior category, which is an achievement that I will hold on to forever. Being one of their Rising Stars has been both challenging and exciting. A lot of hard work must be put in and a lot of that is mindset. You have to be prepared for the challenges ahead. I’ve loved being able to inspire others and especially other females who are interested in getting into motorsport.

As part of that relationship with the FIA Women in Motorsport, I’ve been encouraged to share my views on motorsport and demonstrate that there is a place for women in the sport. I’d like to thank them again for allowing me the chance to show my talent to others as it’s helped upcoming racers as well as me.

© WRS Alexis MICLO

What’s been your biggest challenge so far and how have you overcome it?

My biggest challenge so far has been the financial barrier as the difference between karting and F4 is huge.

It’s been tough having to watch others progress in their careers while I’m waiting for my opportunity. This definitely made 2022 a difficult year for me, although I do support those I know by watching and encouraging them.

I’ve been training hard on my sim, spending lots of time at the gym, and working on my mindset. I’ve also got exams at the moment, so I have been making sure I do what I need to do.

I’m ready to race!

Do you have any racing driver role models?

So far, my biggest role models are Daniel Ricciardo, Lewis Hamilton, and Abbi Pulling.

Daniel has always stood out for me as he’s such a lively character, which is something I relate to. Whenever he’s had a bad race, he works on it and never stops smiling. I admire that and take it into my own racing – after a disappointing race, you can always learn from it, work on it, and get that improvement.

Lewis has always been a great inspiration to many. The one time which stands above anything else to me is when he lost the title in 2021. He could have been angry or acted in a bad way from frustration and yet he didn’t. He walked up to Max and shook his hand. Lewis then worked on himself for the next season. That shows me he’s a real racing driver.

I have been trackside watching Abbi karting and in F4 at race weekends. She was always an amazing driver and showed the boys that girls could really race at the front. I follow Abbi’s journey and believe she’s someone who should make it to the top. She puts in the hard work and dedication. She’s got the talent too.

© WRS Alexis MICLO

What are your plans for 2023?

I have many plans for 2023. My ultimate goal for the year is to compete in the British F4. At the moment, nothing has been confirmed due to the fund requirement. I’m hopeful that I can be competing by the end of 2023 at the latest.

What are your long term racing ambitions?

I’m very clear on what I want to do. My long-term ambition is to get into F1. I believe that women can do this, and I want to be on the podium.

© WRS Alexis MICLO

If you could change into any household item, what would you choose and why?

That’s an easy one. I’d be my simulator so that I can drive around all day in any car I could ever dream of.

Would you rather always be three minutes late to everything or three hours early?

I’d have to be three hours early… after all, if I’m three minutes late, I might miss the most important part!

Thanks again to Macie for taking the time to chat and best of luck for 2023 and beyond.


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