Difficulties Are Fun Things – FIA Rally Star Drivers’ Series Vol.3 Farah Zakaria

We talked to Farah Zakaria after the FIA Rally Star MENA Final, here is what she has to say about her 17 years of racing.

【Rally Star车手系列】我希望做好完全的准备——专访瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius

19岁的瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius曾在2019年获得FIA Girls on Track - Karting Challenge的优胜,进入最后的卡丁训练营。在FIA新的Rally Star选拔中,她从欧洲决赛中脱颖而出,和英国车手Katie Milner共同杀进了女子决赛。在欧洲决赛后,我们有机会和Maja进行问答,来看看她对自己的职业生涯都有什么感悟吧。

Paulina Polackova on Making It into the World of Motorsport

Guest blog by Thiemo Albers-Daly Photos provided by Paulina Polackova Paulina Polackova is an up-and-coming rally driver who’s determined to work hard and get herself firmly into the motorsport scene. She fell in love with racing from a young age and is happy to try out racing anything with an engine. I had the chance... Continue Reading →

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