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The NXT Gen Cup is the world's first 100% electric junior touring car cup founded by Fredrik Lestrup and Lestrup Racing Team. The winner of NXT Gen Cup will be crowned the official Swedish Junior Champion and receive financial support to race in the 2024 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC). Currently there are two young women among the 11 drivers announced - 15-year-old Swedish driver Louise Larsson and 16-year-old Swedish driver Siri Hökfelt. We spoke to Siri when she was in the FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars program. Now for the NXT Gen Cup, we caught up with Siri. Here’s her expectations for the new series.


NXT Gen Cup是Fredrik Lestrup 和他的Lestrup Racing车队组建的全新电动青年房车赛事,赛事的获胜者将成为瑞典青年总冠军,并且在2024年获得资金参加斯堪的纳维亚房车锦标赛(STCC)。目前已经宣布的十一位车手名单中有两名青年女性车手——15岁的瑞典车手Louise Larsson和16岁的瑞典车手Siri Hökfelt。Siri作为国际汽联Girls on Track - Rising Stars项目的候选人曾经接受过我们的专访,如今她进入了NXT Gen Cup并再次接受了我们的专访,来看看她对这项新赛事有什么期待吧。

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