I Want to Make the Motorcycling World Better for Women

Sandra Gomez made her Dakar debut in 2022. This year, she came back to Dakar to win the Women's Trophy. However, mononucleosis hindered her preparation and a technical issue prevented her from completing the rally. This difficult second adventure in the Dakar wouldn't stop Sandra from trying again next year. We had the opportunity to talk to Sandra after the Dakar. Let's see her story at the Dakar and beyond.

在达喀尔我每年都有新的收获——专访西班牙车手Sandra Gomez

Sandra Gomez在2022年完成了自己的达喀尔拉力赛处子秀。今年,她再次回到达喀尔准备冲击摩托组女子冠军。可惜,因为单核细胞增多症她没能完整地备战今年的比赛,而在比赛中,她又遭遇机械故障最终不得不退赛。这次多灾多难的达喀尔之旅并没有影响Sandra明年再次回归的积极性。我们在今年的达喀尔拉力赛后采访了Sandra,来看看她的摩托故事吧!

I Plan to Return in Good Time

Calheine Taye Perry is one of the two African women who first competed and completed the Dakar Rally on a motorcycle. This year Taye was aiming for her fourth Dakar journey as the co-driver for one of the Dakar Sistaz - Yasmeen Koloc, but was unfortunately unable to make it. We had the opportunity to interview Taye, here is what she has to say about her career and experience at the Dakar.

我随时准备回到摩托赛场——专访南非车手Taye Perry

和我们此前专访过的Kirsten Landman一样,在2020年Calheine Taye Perry也成为了达喀尔摩托组的非洲女性车手先驱。今年Taye原本要出赛自己的第四次达喀尔拉力赛,作为达喀尔姐妹花Yasmeen Koloc的领航员在T3组别出赛。可惜最终由于Yasmeen的伤病两人没能成行。我们对Taye进行了专访,来看看她的达喀尔故事吧!

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