In Conversation with Motorbike Racer Ran Yochay

Guest blog by Thiemo Albers-Daly

Ran Yochay is a twenty year old Israeli motorcycle rider who’s been racing all over Europe and Israel over the last few years. She’s been on the podium numerous times and evolved a lot, both as a rider and a person since she started. We chatted about all of this and much more when we caught up recently. Honest, thoughtful and a rider through and through, Ran is one to watch in the motorcycle world in the near future.

I hope you enjoy our conversation.

What first got you interested in Motorsport?

My Father was a race car driver, so I was always around at the races as a kid. I wasn’t very interested in watching races or anything like that and I wasn’t exposed to the motorcycling world. Until one day my Father’s friend let me try riding his son’s pw80, and I was completely enchanted with the feeling of riding!

What attracted you to Motorcycle racing instead of another form of racing?

I love the adrenaline in racing on the bike, how tight you can go with other racers, and mainly how you feel every movement on your body with no filters. If you make a mistake, the bike will shake you off, but if you are in one flow and rhythm with the bike, it is the most incredible feeling ever.

You raced in Europe back in 2017 – how was this experience for you?

My first race in Europe was actually on an MX bike and not on road (which is what I’m racing now). I raced in the GCC (Germany cross country) and was crazy to see how many riders were on the start line next to me. I was super excited and my main goal was to gain experience. I finished the 2h race 10th out of 56.

You went to Romania the following year and then competed in Israel and then in Greece and Italy – where would you love to travel to in order to race that you haven’t yet?

Red Bull Romanics was an insane experience for me, it was a big challenge I took on myself at a very young age. From there I started my road racing journey and got the chance to try out circuits around Europe. I don’t have a specific circuit or country I’d really like to go to. But I would love to try enduro in Portugal because I heard about the amazing views there. And I would also love to be riding overseas in Phillip Island – Australia.

Is there a favourite circuit you’ve raced on and why?

So far my favorite circuit is Ricardo Tormo circuit, Cheste. 3 years ago my first ever time on a big track was there, and I think something in that special day made me find this circuit to be my favorite one. 2 years later I came back there for a race in the Women’s European Cup, I was very nervous having only 1FP and immediately Q1. In this race I also accomplished my best result in the season.

How did 2022 go for you and what are your plans for 2023?

2022 went well according to my expectations, but I want much more. This year I’m preparing as good as I can, and putting in a lot of effort in my off season training. I started a new fitness plan and nutrition plan with a motorsport coach and dietician. I’m also spending the winter months at Gasss74 racing school training 4-5 times a week. My goal is to come as strong as possible for the upcoming season and to try and reach the podium.

How would you say you’ve evolved as a rider since you started?

I think for sure I changed a lot, considering I started as an MX rider and moved on to road racing. I grew up a lot as well, became more mature and learned a lot in and out of the racing world.

What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome so far?

Before the start of the 2022 season I came up to my parents and told them I wanted to quit racing. I had a really difficult season in 2021 and I was having a hard time in the races and outside of them with my training. The hardest challenge to overcome was to collect myself and find my motivation again.

Are there any motorsport events you’d love to compete in in the future? Dakar?

It’s funny you mention Dakar, because it is my father’s biggest dream! He was racing Rally cars himself when he was younger and has always wanted to race the Dakar but didn’t have the budget. He is always jokingly nagging me to leave road racing and do the Dakar. Maybe one day I will, for our experience together when I’m much older.

Do you have any racing heroes?

Not really, it changes a lot with time. I love Jack Miller’s story, where he came from and what he has achieved and I definitely look up to that because I think it takes a lot of power to chase your dreams like that, and beyond that, he is also an amazing rider. Another rider I’d say I look up to is Ana Carrasco. For me she is a role model and proof that girls can do it too!

If you could swap lives with a celebrity for a day, who would you choose?

For sure with no doubts I’d say Marc Marquez. I’d choose him because I’m so curious to see how the life of a rider on this level looks. I want to know the trainings, how the teams work, testing, a race day for a MotoGP rider and just in general what a normal day for him is like.

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or a horse sized duck?

This is a really funny and out of nowhere question, I think a horse sized duck cuz if I focus on 100 lil horses I’ll get completely confused hahahhaha!

Thanks again to Ran for taking the time to chat and we wish you the best of luck for 2023!


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