The Making of a Good Engineer: A Balance between Technical Capability and Personality

To celebrate International Day of Women in Engineering next week, we give you the story of Ana Paola Serrano Guadarrama, 2019 INFINITI Engineering Academy winner from Mexico.

好的工程师软硬兼修——专访英菲尼迪工程学院获胜选手Ana Serrano

去年英菲尼迪工程学院中国区决赛后,我们对获胜选手李牧遥进行了专访,目前,她正在雷诺F1车队进行自己第一阶段的实习。下周二(6月23日)是国际女性工程师节,为了庆祝这个特别的日子,我们为大家带来了另外一位去年获胜选手的专访——Ana Paola Serrano Guadarrama。

Keeping Me on My Toes – Exclusive Interview with Inside Pass Host Vanessa Guerra

Vanessa Guerra is the Creative Producer and Host of the Red Bull's Inside Pass. Before Inside Pass, Vanessa already had a long career in the MotoGP paddock, from team management to pit lane reporter. During this quarantine time, we had a chat with Vanessa, to hear about her amazing journey in the past 12 years.

下一站更精彩——专访红牛Inside Pass主持Vanessa Guerra

2019赛季,红牛在自己的油管频道上线了MotoGP Vlog节目Inside Pass。Vanessa Guerra是节目的创意总监和主持人。每个比赛周末,她都会用自己的镜头,为车迷们带来围场中的趣闻,与车队车手进行趣味互动。在这个节目之前,Vanessa已经在围场中工作了十二年,她做过车队管理人员,也做过体育台的主播。我们和她聊了聊她的围场故事,来看看她如何走出这条多彩的职业道路吧。

The Next Turning Point – Exclusive Interview with Wendy Li

Wendy Li (李倩雯) is the former Editor-in-Chief of China Motorsport Magazine (中国赛车杂志). She single-highhandedly revived this magazine after it had been out of circulation for three years. At the same time of leading the editorial on the newly-revived magazine in 2018, she was also part of the organizer’s team for the inaugural Mini Challenge China Series. During China Motorsport Magazine’s dormant, Wendy was the editor for the Chinese version of

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