Rising Stars Profile Vol.8 – Bianca Bustamante & Laura Bubenova

This year, the FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars program came back bigger and better. Two groups of girls, 14 in the Senior Category and 14 in the Junior Category, will go into the three-day shoot-out from the 21st to 23rd of October at the Circuit Paul Ricard. Just like last year, we are rolling out the profiles of drivers participating in the program. Today, we give you Bianca Bustamante in the Senior Category and Laura Bubenova in the Junior Category.

明年我将为总冠军而战——专访西班牙车手Nerea Martí

九岁开始接触卡丁车的Nerea Martí已经在卡丁车和F4赛场上大显身手,她是第一位获得瓦伦西亚卡丁车锦标赛总冠军的女性车手,并且在自己的第一场西班牙F4比赛中就登上领奖台。2021赛季W Series的比赛中Nerea在亨格诺林的比赛中登上领奖台,成为本赛季第二位登上领奖台的菜鸟。夏休期间我们采访了Nerea,来看看她对自己的职业生涯有什么要说的吧。

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