Back to the Rally Roots – Interview with Teena Gade

Before the double-header at Sardinia, we had the opportunity to talk to Leena and Teena Gade. Today we bring you the conversation with Teena, see what she shared about her long career in motorsport and this new experience in Extreme E.

I Want to Bring My Experience and Help Riders Grow

Valeria Wilkes runs WMS Motorsport, a swiss team competing in MES Trophy (Trofei Motoestate) as well as providing technical services in CIV in Italy. We met her when she was searching for a Chinese rider to join her team in MES Trophy. While it was a difficult quest, we found her story in the paddock inspiring. Here we give you her stories of over 20 years in the motorcycling world.


Valeria Wilkes的WMS车队在意大利的MES Trophy赛事中参加SSP300组别赛事。同时,她和同事们组成的技术团队还在CIV中为两支车队提供技术服务。今年她希望在自己的车队中引入一位中国车手,我们也由此了解了她的围场故事。今天,就让我们一起走进Valeria的二十年摩托车围场生涯。

Learning and Adapting to Become a Well-rounded Engineer

At the end of 2019, upon the completion of the INFINITI Engineering Academy China Final, we interviewed the winner Muyao (Nimo) Li. In 2020, the internship program was still carried out despite extreme circumstances, and now all seven winners have completed their internship at Renault F1 team and INFINITI Research Center. We caught up with Nimo to hear about her experiences during the year.



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