Rising Stars Profile Vol.11 – Emma Wigroth & Skye Parker

Our Rising Stars profile series is still ongoing. Today, we give you Emma Wigroth in the Senior category and Skye Parker in the Junior category.

我们生来就是为了挑战——专访ABT车队前车手Claudia Hürtgen

ABT CUPRA XE派出了德国房跑老将Claudia Hürtgen搭档Mattias Ekström出赛。可惜Claudia仅仅在第一站比赛中登场,第二站比赛中由于身体不适,官方后补车手Jutta Kleinschmidt临时代替出场。而在海洋X Prix之后不久,Claudia正式退出了Extreme E的竞争,专心宝马的合作,Jutta则正式顶替她加盟车队。在海洋X Prix之前我们采访了Claudia,虽然老将已经离场,还是来看看她短暂Extreme E旅程中的心得吧。

Female Element Will Be Decisive For The Championship – Exclusive Interview with Alejandro Agag

We talked to Mr. Alejandro Agag, the brain behind the first-ever gender-equal motorsport championship. It has always been a great inspiration talking to Mr. Agag, and this time, let's see how the idea of electrical Odyssey gradually takes shape into an FIA International Series in Extreme E.

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