If I Can Do It, You Can Do It – FIA Rally Star Drivers’ Series Vol.6 Pragathi Gowda

25-year-old Indian driver Pragathi Gowda will be joining Farah Zakaria (Jordan), Maja Hallén Fellenius (Sweden), Katie Milner (United Kingdom), and Kristie Ellis (South Africa) in the FIA Rally Star Women’s Final in Januaray 2023 in Peru. We had the chance to hear from Kristie about her story, here is what she has to say.

【Rally Star车手系列】我能做到的大家都能做到——专访印度车手Pragathi Gowda

25岁的印度车手Pragathi Gowda从FIA Rally Star亚太决赛中脱颖而出,杀入了女子总决赛,将在明年一月和约旦车手Farah Zakaria、瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius、英国车手Katie Milner以及南非车手Kristie Ellis展开角逐。我们在亚太决赛后采访了Pragathi Gowda,来看看她的故事吧。

Our Goal as a Company Is to Have an All-female Team in MotoGP

In September, at Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón, Maria Herrera made a historical wildcard entrance in the Moto3 World Championship. Maria is currently racing in the MotoE World Cup, and she has previously raced full-time in the Moto3 World Championship between 2015 and 2017. This time, her wildcard was special because she was supported by an all-female crew. We had the opportunity to interview Aurora Angelucci, the brain behind this wildcard entry, Founder and CEO of Angeluss - Women Sport Management. Here is Aurora’s story with motorsport.


在九月的MotoGP阿拉贡大奖赛上,Maria Herrera进行了一次历史性的Moto3外卡出赛。这并不是Maria第一次站在世界锦标赛的发车格上,她是现役MotoE车手,也曾在2015至2017赛季征战Moto3完整赛季,她的这次外卡之所以特殊,是因为她整个车组都是女性成员。我们有机会采访这次外卡机会的幕后大脑Aurora Angelucci,Angeluss女性体育管理公司的创始人和CEO。让我们来看看Aurora的赛车故事吧。

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