Paulina Polackova on Making It into the World of Motorsport

Guest blog by Thiemo Albers-Daly

Photos provided by Paulina Polackova

Paulina Polackova is an up-and-coming rally driver who’s determined to work hard and get herself firmly into the motorsport scene. She fell in love with racing from a young age and is happy to try out racing anything with an engine. I had the chance to catch up with her recently about how her passion for racing came about, her favourite car related memories so far, who she’d love to work with in the future and much more. Check out our full interview below.

What first got you interested in motorsport?
The first thing that got me interested in motorsport was the smell of the petrol!  To be honest, when I learned how to walk, I was always with my dad in the garage. At first, I was interested in quads and after few years, I started to be more interested in cars. I realized, that cars are safer. But if you ask me, if I want to go ride on a quad, I won’t hesitate, not even for a second.

What has been your favourite racing memory so far?
I don’t have many memories from racing in a car yet, but my favourite memory in the car is when I stood up on a starting ramp and drove my first rally. That was unbelievable feeling.

Do you have any racing plans for 2022?
I have big dreams and plans to the future, but I have to work really hard to make those dreams come true. That’s why my plans for 2022 are: train, race and learn everything I can and need to about racing.

Is there a lesson you’ve learned from motorsport that has helped you in the rest of your life?
The lesson I learned from motorsport is that I have to rely only on myself and be careful with people.

Why do you love racing?
I can be myself, when I’m in the car. And it’s something what makes my relationship with my father so special. He is my inspiration and the biggest support. He is the heart of every race.

Which racing drivers would you love to either work with or race alongside in the future?
I would love to work with Sébastien Loeb, he is my biggest role model. He races in o many disciplines and I would love to do the same, also I will do everything, that’s in my power, to participate in Rally Dakar one day.

What is a fact about you that everybody should know?
That I’m not just a pretty face, like most people think about me. But I know how to cook tasty meals, how to do house chores and lot of other stuff. Also, I’m not afraid of get my hands dirty.

Which song would you chose for Karaoke?
I thought that this interview would be easier, but I had to think a lot about this question. 😀 The truth is, that I can’t sing, so the probability that I would be singing karaoke would only happen when somebody would be pointing a gun in my face!

Do you have a favourite film?
You may think that my favourite film would be Fast and Furious, but truth is, that I don’t have a favourite film. I like to watch every genre except for horror movies. I can’t watch them, not even with closed eyes!

Would you rather be invisible or have the ability to fly?
Definitely, I would be glad to have ability to fly.

Like many other women who are becoming interested in motorsport and want to carve out a future in it for themselves, Paulina showing that she’s willing to get her hands dirty and get stuck into every aspect of the motorsport world so that she can thrive.

– End –

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