It’s the Future! – Extreme E Series Vol. 4 Cristina Gutiérrez

We caught up with Cristina Gutiérrez before she headed off for Senegal, let’s see what she shared with us about Dakar and Extreme E.

Extreme E就是未来!——专访X44车队车手Cristina Gutiérrez

三位F1世界冠军在Alejandro Agag的感召下建立了Extreme E车队,这其中就包括七届世界冠军刘易斯-汉密尔顿。汉密尔顿为自己的车队X44找来了梦幻阵容:达喀尔拉力赛赛段冠军西班牙车手Cristina Gutiérrez和九届WRC世界冠军塞巴斯蒂安-勒布。我们在海洋X Prix之前对Cristina进行了专访,来看看她分享了什么吧。

It’s Not an Unapproachable Dream

Growing up in a time when motorsport is little known to the general public in China, the distance between China and mainstream international motorsport has never stopped Zhang Jingying(张静莹,aka 张小鹅) from chasing her dream. A former editor at Sina’s Ultimate Motors and currently a producer at Bitauto, Jingying also co-created her own vlog Channel é (张小鹅频道) covering motorsport, tourism, and many things in between.

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