Getting up and Holding on – Interview with FIA Championships Manager Claire Dubbelman

Claire Dubbelman is the Championships Manager for the FIA Single Seater Department. We had the great honor to have a Q&A with Claire and learn more about her incredible journey in motorsport, here is how she gets into the sport and has thrived in the paddock for the past 12 years.


几周前我们介绍的Tatiana Calderon是F2中唯一的女性车手。而在她身后低一级别的F3中今年则没有女性车手。但其实,去年曾经有一名女孩差一点就要进入2019赛季的F3。一场事故让她错过了这次机会,也错过了原定要参加的HWA车队在电动方程式的测试。这个女孩就是德国车手Sophia Floersch。

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