If I Were to Do FIA F3, I Want to Do It Properly with The Right Team

We had the opportunity to hear her thoughts on her season and the new W Series season. Let’s see what she has to say about her journey into Formula 1.

Absolute Fun with Absolute Racing – Exclusive Interview with Erin Chen, Absolute Racing Account Manager

In the past decade, Absolute Racing has been a formidable force in the motorsport scene in China and Asia. Based in Zhuhai, Shanghai, and Sepang, this team has been pushing forward motorsport in China and Asia, as well as raising young Chinese drivers such as Ye Yifei to international championships. Among the management of this team, there is a Chinese lady, Erin Chen, who is the Account Manager. We had an opportunity to chat with her about her story of getting into motorsport, and making history with Absolute Racing.


在过去的十年,绝对车队立足于他们在上海、珠海、雪邦赛道的workshop,不断推动着中国和亚洲赛车事业的发展,也培养了包括叶一飞在内的大量目前活跃在国际单座赛事赛场上的中国车手。在车队的管理层中,有一位来自中国的女士——陈燕琳(Erin Chen)。让我们来看看,她如何与赛车结缘,又如何与车队一起一路走到今天。

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