【Rally Star车手系列】我和我的车融为一体——专访澳大利亚车手Molly Spalding

在九月的10至212日,Rally Star的第四场洲际决赛——亚太决赛——在印度上演。25岁的印度车手Pragathi Gowda脱颖而出,杀入了女子总决赛,将在明年一月和约旦车手Farah Zakaria、瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius、英国车手Katie Milner以及南非车手Kristie Ellis展开角逐。我们在亚太决赛后采访了其中一位决赛选手——澳大利亚车手Molly Spalding,来看看她的故事吧。

If I Can Do It, You Can Do It – FIA Rally Star Drivers’ Series Vol.6 Pragathi Gowda

25-year-old Indian driver Pragathi Gowda will be joining Farah Zakaria (Jordan), Maja Hallén Fellenius (Sweden), Katie Milner (United Kingdom), and Kristie Ellis (South Africa) in the FIA Rally Star Women’s Final in Januaray 2023 in Peru. We had the chance to hear from Kristie about her story, here is what she has to say.

【Rally Star车手系列】我能做到的大家都能做到——专访印度车手Pragathi Gowda

25岁的印度车手Pragathi Gowda从FIA Rally Star亚太决赛中脱颖而出,杀入了女子总决赛,将在明年一月和约旦车手Farah Zakaria、瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius、英国车手Katie Milner以及南非车手Kristie Ellis展开角逐。我们在亚太决赛后采访了Pragathi Gowda,来看看她的故事吧。

Dakar Sistaz – Yasmeen Koloc: I am Prepared for Challenges

In 2023’s year-opening traditional event - Dakar Rally, eighteen-year-old Yasmeen Koloc will venture onto her first Dakar effort. Together with her twin sister Aliyyah Koloc, Yasmeen used to train to become a professional tennis player. However, when injuries interrupted their dream to collect the Grand Slams’ trophies, Yasmeen and her sister followed their father’s path onto motorsport. In the past two years, Yasmeen gathered experience in Renault Clip Cup, GT4, cross-country Bajas to get ready for Dakar. We recently had the opportunity to interview Yasmeen, let’s see what she has to say about chasing the dream of Dakar Rally.

达喀尔姐妹花(上) – Yasmeen Koloc

在明年的开年大赛达喀尔拉力赛上,十八岁的捷克车手Yasmeen Koloc将踏上自己的首次达喀尔征途。和她的双胞胎姐姐Aliyyah Koloc一样,Yasmeen也曾经有一个网球梦。但是伤病打断了她们追逐大满贯梦想的步伐,Yasmeen和姐姐都走上了爸爸早就为她们趟好的赛车路。在过去的两年中,Yasmeen在GT赛场和越野赛场双线作战,为了达喀尔的梦想努力。我们有幸采访到Yasmeen,来看看她对于达喀尔拉力梦有什么要说的吧。​

Improving Everyday Doing The Best Sport Ever

European Rally Championship (ERC) driver Rachele Somaschini was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). Her condition has never been an obstacle for her in her chase of a motorsport dream. In reality, the 28 years old Italian made her WRC debut in 2019, and she has leveraged her motorsport career to start the #CorrerePerUnRespiro (Racing for a Breath) campaign and help others with CF who are in need. We had the opportunity to interview Rachele recently, let’s see what she has to say about her career and raising awareness of the disease she battles on a daily basis.

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