四年前的十一月,电动方程式的第二个赛季,电动方程式CEO阿列亨德罗-阿加格先生宣布了自动驾驶赛事Roborace的诞生。2019年,Roborace开始了Alpha赛季,参赛的车队们开始进行一系列包括定位、避障、超车等项目在内的竞赛。在推动Roborace这项赛事前进的团队里有一位来自伦敦的年轻姑娘——Holly Watson Nall。让我们来听听她在赛车圈拼搏,实现自己梦想的故事吧。

Holly Watson Nall: Having the Bigger Picture in Mind

Four years ago in November 2015, during Season 2 of Formula E, Roborace – the autonomous car racing series - was announced. In 2019, Season Alpha – the first of two test seasons – was launched for the teams involved in Roborace and a series of competitions such as localization, obstacle avoidance, overtaking was carried out. Among the people pushing this cutting-edge racing series forward was Holly Watson Nall, a young woman who took on the passion for motorsport herself, and built a path to realize her dream.

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