Maria Herrera: I Want to Clear the Path for Them

Maria Herrera is one of the only two women who have started on the grid of Grand Prix racing and scored points this decade (and this data is set and done since we’ve finished all the Grand Prix of this decade). She started in Moto3 back in 2013 as a wildcard entry at Aragon, then in three races in 2014, then ran for full seasons between 2015 and 2017. In 2018 she went away to race in World SuperSport 300. This year she is back in Grand Prix racing with MotoE World Cup. During Valencia GP, we had the opportunity to team up with to have a joint interview with Maria on Friday before E-Pole.

[联合采访] 姐踩过的坑,不能让小妹妹们再踩一遍

MotoGP收官战瓦伦西亚站包括MotoE的两场比赛,我们和专注报道MotoE技术和新闻的意大利媒体EPaddock.it一起对MotoE(也是MotoGP围场里)唯一的女性车手Maria Herrera进行了联合采访。来看看小姐姐对MotoE这项新赛事以及自己的职业生涯都有什么要说的吧。

[专访] 骑上我心爱的电动小摩托,MotoE永远不堵车

西班牙姑娘Maria Herrera是目前MotoGP围场中唯一的女性车手,本赛季她跟随Angel Nieto车队参加MotoGP的新赛事MotoE。虽然本赛季MotoE局限在欧洲,Maria没有跟随车队来到泰国,但是我们依然在泰国站的周五,对车队赛事主管Gino Borsoi进行了专访。听听车队怎么看MotoE这项电动新赛事,和Maria这位车手吧。

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