I Learn Something New with Every New Project – Interview with Leena Gade

Before the double-header at Sardinia, we had the opportunity to talk to both Leena and Teena. Today we bring you the conversation with Leena, see what the 3-time Le Mans 24h winner shared about her successful career in motorsport and this new chapter in Extreme E.

My Lack of Experience was My Biggest Strength – FIA Rally Star Drivers’ Series Vol.5 Krsitie Ellis

20-year-old South African driver Kristie Ellis will be joining Farah Zakaria (Jordan), Maja Hallén Fellenius (Sweden), and Katie Milner (United Kingdom) in the Women's Final later this year in North America. We had the chance to hear from Kristie about her story, here is what she has to say.

【Rally Star车手系列】缺乏经验成了我最大的优势——专访南非车手Kristie Ellis

二十岁的南非车手Kristie Ellis从非洲决赛脱颖而出,杀入了女性总决赛,将在年末和约旦车手Farah Zakaria、瑞典车手Maja Hallén Fellenius以及英国车手Katie Milner展开角逐。我们在非洲决赛后采访了Kristie Ellis,来看看她的故事吧。

My Passion Has Been Undeniable – FIA Rally Star Drivers’ Series Vol.4 Paige de Jager

From May 27 to 29, South Africa hosted the third Continental Final of the FIA Rally Star – the African Final. We talked to one of the fianlists, South African driver Paige de Jager after the African Final, here is what she has to say about her racing career as well as experience at the African Final.

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